Replacement elements

The outlay involved in procuring different types of filters is considerably reduced when you work with Longday. In our partner facilities in Europe and Asia, we produce what you need by way of OEM products, in original equipment quality.

You specify – We supply!

Strategic purchasers, designers, product developers, and production managers repeatedly need new ideas for implementing or improving their filter-products such as:

  • Customized packaging and branding
  • Solutions that ensure installed filters are meeting the needed performance
  • Dependability of future supplies
  • Discontinued items
  • Second source
  • Consolidating supplier base
  • Price
  • Modifications of the present filter in same size:
    • Other filter class
    • Filter filled with activated carbon granules
    • Filter filled with molecular sieve
    • Inox filter for the food industry
    • Ecological, hydrophobic air filters “Gecorosso”
    • Flame retardant version
    • High-temperature version


  • Dry air filter elements with axial and radial seal technology
  • Filter elements for plastics processing machinery
  • Filter elements for cleaning machines
  • Cabin filters for air conditioners and heaters

For the benefit of its customers, Longday combines its know-how on the available options and what is feasible, putting the focus on business excellence and added value instead of just simply fulfilling norms and standards.

Constant high quality, economical prices, worldwide logistics, and personal, independent advice.

Ask us!

Plastic processing machinery replacements

New upcoming law regulations for plastic machinery manufacturers are defining new standards to use at least 50% of recycled plastic in their processes.
This change forces the manufactures to search for different kind of filters material with better performance. Examples can be using hydrophobic media with nanofiber instead of plain paper or even activated carbon combined with media to absorb gases like Toluene and Benzene.

Plastic molding machines, material loaders, blenders, recycling devices are highly complex production machines, and reliable equipment is the key to maintaining a high output of finished goods. A wide range of components like pumps and valves are used to make the plastic processing machine perform to it’s optimum. The small tolerances between components in the hydraulic system make it critical to keep the units clean and dry, and free from oxidation residues.

Our filters are used in

  • Material loaders machines
  • Blenders and dosing units
  • Granulation, recycling devices
  • Temperature control units
  • Molding machines

Your benefits

  • Keeps your plastic molding machines fit for operation
  • Maintain high process stability and efficiency
  • Reduce the risk of unplanned breakdowns and maintenance
  • Ensures a long lifetime of expensive hydraulic system components

Customized packaging and labelling

Longday is providing customized packaging and labeling that helps our customers protect their aftersales acitivities.

Examples of customized packaging and labelling

  • Carton boxes in all possible specifications
  • Bar codes
  • Customer logos both on the filter and the packaging unit
  • Customized stickers and labels
  • Traceability solutions
  • Customer part numbers both on filter and packaging unit
  • All variants available in different colors and shapes

Replacements for other brands

Longday offers the ability to easily find, compare and replace your current solution. We offer replacements for both engine air intake filters and custom cabin filters. Let us know which filter you would like to replace or improve. We offer constant quality, economical prices, worldwide logistics and personal, independent advice.

You can either confirm the part number, give us a sample for validation or just send us your drawing.