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Longday is the international and exclusive partner of Virgis Filter for innovative filter products of the very highest industrial quality. All our actions are environment-oriented and focused on developing ecological solutions.

We supply customized air filters and air filter systems for original equipment to all industries and provide our customers with the expected security and the assurance that our products meet their requirements and helping our customers to protect their after-sales.
We are specialized in combustion engine compressor air intake filters and pre-cleaning, as well as customized air filters used in different major market sectors.
We make air filters according to customer’s specification using the right raw materials and latest manufacturing technology. We coordinate all logistics, delivering exactly what is needed, at the right time, to the right location.

Since 2007, Longday is an exclusive partner of Virgis Filter, but the history of the cooperation is much older.
Virgis Filter is a family-owned company founded in 1983 in Padova (Italy) where is the headquarters, one of the production plants, testing divisions and laboratory. The second production plant is located in China with not only the production line and laboratory but also a special and separate prototype division.
Both production plants have their Research & Development offices, both are fully equipped and both are using only the latest technology (including robotics) to meet the highest standards.

Reliable testing
  • Performance test division: internal certified laboratory according to ISO 5011 and ISO 10263 (EN779)
  • Climate chamber
  • Vibration test division
  • Fabrication and integrity tests according to ISO EN 2942
  • External leading laboratory in Germany (FIATEC) for cabin filter tests according to ISO EN15695 + ISO EN 16890
Production capacity
  • Italy: over 3,5 mln filters annually  (one shift)
  • China: over 7 mln filters annually (one shift)
  • Virgis production plant in Italy: ISO 9001; ISO 14001
  • Virgis production plant in China: ISO 9001; ISO 14001 under process
  • Longday AG:  ISO 9001 and ISO 14001

 Virgis website



Research & Development is a key factor for us

Our filters are designed and produced according to customer needs, very modular in make, filter class, filter media and size.
Such filter designs are unique and customer-specific protected.
Our Long-term experience in design, development and production of customized filters, as well as selecting always the best possible material-mix and using the best technology guarantees satisfied customers.



Why Longday

  • Highest quality filters meeting strict filtration requirements
  • Wide range of products covering all market segments
  • Customized packing and labelling
  • Stock-keeping: your safety stock at our warehouse
  • Solutions for after-sales protection
  • Access to professional know-how and leading filtration technologies
  • Engineering support
  • Professional product development
  • Full traceability and documentation control
  • Tailor-made offers
  • Logistics under control: correct quantity, delivered at the right time, to the right location with direct deliveries to your production facility or warehouse

We constantly improve our skills and invest in new technology to help our customers be successful.
We treat each other and our partners with trust, fairness, and respect.

We are proud of what we achieve together!




Longday is at the same time sales, support and marketing partner and exclusive distributor of BEDIA Motorentechnik for Switzerland.

As a high performance and innovative company BEDIA develops, produces and distributes well-thought-out solutions for level and temperature monitoring.
Since 1986 BEDIA Motorentechnik is a valued partner of numerous manufacturers of construction and agricultural machinery, engines, utility vehicles, generator sets and compressors.

BEDIA products overview
  • Capacitive level sensors with and without approval by classification societies
  • Intelligent, analogue tank sensors
  • Analogue hot-wire sensors for monitoring the level of oil pans
  • Temperature sensors
  • Mechanical temperature switches
  • Electronic temperature switches
  • Electronic temperature sensors
  • DC/DC converters
  • ISO 9001; ISO 14001

  Bedia website