VirusTrap - Medical-Grade air purification system for vehicles

Reduce the risk of infection by bacteria, microorganisms, and all types of viruses including COVID-19!

Protect Driver and Passengers with the unique air filtration system developed by Virgis/Longday for Webasto.

The Medical-Grade filtrations system is now protecting our heroes working in ambulances during the most difficult pandemic conditions.
It can be easily installed in any existing vehicle like ambulance, bus, truck, etc. with no cooling/heating system modification.

Hepa 14 used in VirusTrap is a medically approved filtration method for hospitals, ambulances, and medical devices and removes 99,995% of particulates corresponding to SARS/COVID-19 virus sizes (0,1 micrometers) and effectively reduces the risk of infection.

VirusTrap filters Aerosols (Bioaerosols) that is surrounding us everywhere in our lives that can contain bacteria and viruses that can be spread by an infected person not only when coughing, but also while normal breathing. Further particulates as Fine Dust will be filtered too.


Why not simply retrofit an existing vehicle air conditioning system with HEPA-14 filtration?

HEPA 14 filtration (Medical-Grade) requires 100s of Pa in Pressure Drop – existing fans cannot handle this pressure drop. The HVAC would cease to function.

What is needed?

A retrofitable, easily installable, compact but powerful, HEPA 14 Medical-Grade filtration unit that:

  • Meets International Standards for cabin air filtration (IATA/EASA/ICAO/CDC/ECDC)
  • Does not impact the vehicles existing HVAC
  • Does not diminish the vehicles ability to heat/cool
  • Allows for contamination free and safety filter replacement
What is the solution?

Longday VirusTrap Medical-Grade HEPA 14 filters

Quick, safe & easy retrofit solution to any Bus.

  • Removes 99.995% of airborne infections and contaminants
  • HEPA 14 classified filter
  • High air exchange rate
  • Up to 10 m³ fresh air every minute
  • Ultra compact and lightweight
  • Hasslefree installation in less than 30 minutes
  • Contamination free exchange of H14 filters – No external service required
  • Available in two versions: 300 and 600 m³/h
  • Automatic filter monitoring feature
  • Compliant with European Medical Device Directive CE 47/2007
  • Meets WHO / CDC / ECDC air filtration guidelines
  • CE/UL compliant
  • No additional service cost – anyone can safely replace the filter
  • Can be placed in different spots to filter the air in the most effective way